Light Waxed Cotton / Black

Mind the Maker

Collection: Light Waxed Cotton
Print: Black
Content: Waxed Cotton
Weight: 9.73oz / 330gsm
Structure: Light w some structure
Width: 57 Inches / 145cms
Uses: Jackets, Bags, Outerwear
Care: Hand wash only

Our waxed cottons are made with paraffin wax which has been used for decades - also known as oilskin. When applying paraffin wax to cotton cloth and allowing it to saturate, it becomes water resistant, while still preserving some ability to breathe and the natural look of cotton.

Waxed cotton is tear resistant, very durable and it ages beautifully with aesthetically pleasing creases and color permutations. Waxed cotton is perfect for outdoor clothing and gear, such as jackets, hats and bags. If you take care of your waxed cotton garments properly they will last for years and years.

Note that some oil transfer can occur from the fabric to other fabrics and materials. This will be less as it dries out over time when aired and used, but we recommend to use a proper lining such as a tightly woven poplin, quilting fabric or broadcloth.

Please note: we are unable to accept returns of cut merchandise, but are always happy to send out a free swatch before purchasing! Just send a note to!
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