Heavy Waxed Canvas / Petrol

Mind the Maker

Collection: Heavy Waxed Canvas
Print: Petrol
Content: Waxed Cotton Duck
Weight: 12.6oz / 430gsm
Structure: Firm
Width: 57 Inches
Uses: Jackets, Bags, Outerwear
Care: Hand wash only

This one is a little different than our other waxed canvases. It's quite heavy at 12.68oz with more texture and visible weave. It still has the same great coating making it water resistant, but still pliable enough for bags and garments. Let us know what you think and we'll order more colors!

Please note: we are unable to accept returns of cut merchandise, but are always happy to send out a free swatch before purchasing! Just send a note to hello@charlotteswebbing.store!
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